Topics: Families and children

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1843 - North West - view

Betty and Johnny Cox have seven children

1845 - South Coastal - view

When he was a kid

1845 - North Coastal - view

According to correspondence from Howard, Maria and Bowen have a son and two daughters all baptised at St Mary’s Church Sydney.

1845 - North West - view

There are four “half-castes” in the district, two are adult females and are married to white men, and two children who are living after the manner of the Aborigines

1846 - North Coastal - view

The mother is Biddy, the sister of the blackfellow Bowen, of Pitt Water and the daughter of an aboriginal woman by an English seaman. There are seven children by this connexion, from nineteen to two years of age, living in their father’s house after the manner of the settlers of the Creek … The two lads are employed in the boat with their father, four of the younger children are yet at home, and the eldest girl is living with a man of the name of Rose, a fisherman at Marramarra Creek.

1846 - North Coastal - view

There are many reported cases of white men living with Aboriginal women and having children.

1846 - North West - view

“I have found a family of half-castes, the children of John Lewis or Ferdinand

1847 - North West - view

an extensive community

1847 - North West - view

Clark(e) family

1847 - North West - view

Sackville family

1848 - North Coastal - view

European settlement severely impacts on environment. NSW Surveyor-General Major Mitchell writes “the omission of the annual periodical burning by natives, of grass and young saplings, has already produced in the open forest lands nearest Sydney, thick forests of young trees, where formerly a man might gallop without impediment and see miles before him”.

1849 - South Coastal - view

two children

1852 - South Coastal - view


1852 - South Coastal - view

Koori children

1855 - North West - view

Hawkesbury Darkinung family

1855 - West - view

Darug woman

1855 - South Coastal - view


1855 - South West - view

a remarkable network of family relationships

1855 - South Coastal - view


1856 - Central - view

remember my mother