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1801 - North West - view

“The lobsters were caught by the women who, in the sea front dived down among the rocks for them”

1802 - West - view

hunt the kangaroo

1802 - West - view

group hunting

1802 - West - view

religious terror

1802 - West - view

evil spirit

1805 - West - view

punishment trial

1810 - South West - view

"an extraordinary sort of dance"

1811 - West - view

nulla nulla

1812 - North West - view

This is the first comprehensive effort in the colony. It records Aboriginal names in Browne’s handwriting and language

1813 - North West - view

Lawson comes into “Forest Land”, he finds “several Camps of Native Hutts”

1814 - West - view

annual feast

1815 - West - view

Aboriginal rule

1816 - North West - view

night-time ceremonial corroboree

1816 - North West - view

The pencil sketch of “Ba La Watam Ba of the Coal River” (Hunter River)

1817 - North West - view

Mt Wareng and Mt Yengo , two ancient peaks sacred to Aboriginal people

1817 - North West - view

While the “natives” are somewhat friendly, they seem too busy exploiting fire to harvest game

1818 - North West - view

“upgraded to old king”

1818 - North West - view

southern branch natives preparing spears for a ceremonial battle

1818 - North West - view

Branch Natives gather in large numbers and bestow a leadership role to a senior women

1818 - South Coastal - view

‘King of the Georges River’