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1818 - North West - view

A “native corroboree” is held at full moon

1818 - North West - view


1818 - North West - view

Appin Massacre

1820 - North West - view

kangaroo and possum skin cloaks

1820 - North Coastal - view

Macquarie gives the Russians freedom to investigate the local Koori conditions, social life and dealings with colonial officials. Those whom they see along the north side of the harbour are “extremely lean and quite black in colour … They subsist on a mixed diet of shell fish and fish, forest products, and exchange their fish for British goods. They hunt and the women fish or gather bush food, then they withdraw into the bush at night. They sleep by fires and never lack a fire, embers even burn in the noon day heat”. Mikhailov writes of Bungaree’s family “Sometimes they ornament their head with bird’s bones or fish bones, or the tail of a dog or kangaroo teeth; and sometimes they plait their hair, smearing it with gummy sap of a plant so that it resembles rope ends. They stain the face and body with red earth … When a youth reaches man’s estate [ie manhood], two of his front teeth are knocked out. As for the girls, in early youth they have two joints of the little finger of the left hand cut off”.   Since the men in Bungaree’s group were often absent from Kirribili, Mikhailov concentrated in his painting on the women and children. Volendens,Gulanba Duby, Gouroungan, Ga-ouen-ren, Matora. Male figures drawn are Boongaree, Bourinoan, Movat, Salmanda, Boin (Bowen) and Toubi (Toby).

1821 - North West - view

Bungaree and his Tribe entertained us with a Karaburie

1823 - North West - view

Aboriginal Rock Carvings at Peates Ferry

1823 - West - view

punishment for his transgressions

1823 - North Coastal - view

James Webb, at Booker Bay on the Central Coast, has a working knowledge of Aboriginal languages. He helps to negotiate with Koories at the Rip and at Booker Bay to clear the forest. Koori men are good at working with saw and axes, women help with feeding animals and working around the farm.

1824 - North West - view

Darkinung language

1824 - West - view

Great Gathering

1824 - North West - view

“great gathering of tribes”

1824 - North West - view

Each group is painted in distinguishing designs and each is headed by a “Chief”. The guilty stand trial by spear and club

1825 - North West - view

Charlewal and Dick, to dive for mud oysters, and when roasted at the bush fire, they were excellent

1825 - Central - view

They are … the carriers of news and fish; the gossips of the town; the loungers on the quay.

1825 - North West - view

Biraban teaches Threlkeld his tribal lore and language

1825 - North West - view

“The Aborigine, who assists me in obtaining their language, informs me, that there is a being, in the Sugar-loaf Mountains, resembling a man but taller in stature; with arms, legs, face, and hair, very long on the hair, but the feet are placed contrary to the face being behind; and the body hairy, like an animal…He is fierce, devouring men, and often pursuing the Aborigines in the mountains”

1825 - North West - view

Australian Aboriginal Song[s]

1825 - North West - view

Awabakal language in writing

1825 - North West - view

Specimens of a Dialect of the Aborigines of New South Wales