The ethnographic journal Mankind publishes information about the Cammeray ceremonial ground that is about ten minutes walk from the corner of Frenchs Forest Rd and Mona Vale Rd. It is described as a sloping rock with running water where young boys became men.


Nancy-Bird Walton, AO OBE DstJ, is recruited by Stanley Drummond to fly the Far West clinic sisters to the stations and settlements west of Bourke. She maintains a strong commitment to the organisation until her death in 2009.

A travelling dental clinic is established and the Drummond Far West Home is officially opened.


Indigenous leaders William Cooper, William Ferguson, Jack Patten and Pearl Gibbs declare Australia Day 26 January a “day of mourning”. The Aborigines Progressive Association publishes a manifesto ‘Aborigines Claim Citizen Rights’. Guringai and other Sydney peoples attend the public meetings in the city.