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Before Cook - view

Colby was a Cadigal from South Head to Warrane (Sydney Cove).

Before Cook - view

Community Elder Lois Birk gives an acknowledgement of country at the Northern Beaches Annual General Meeting of the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group: We acknowledge that we are on Guringai country at Stoney Range Reserve, Dee Why. We will listen to each other. We walk softly and gently and pay homage to Indigenous people of all nations. We respect the spirits of this place.

1750 - 1769 - view

Bungaree’s parents born in Brisbane Waters or nearby country.

1770s - view

Bungaree is born in Broken Bay. One family tradition places his birthplace as Patonga. He most probably speaks Wannungine (Guringai language). He is thought to be a Garigal clan man.

1789 - view

Bennelong (A Wangal man) and Colbee (Cadigal) are captured at Manly.

1790 - view

Pemulwuy, a feared Koori warrior and leader, is said to have led attacks on it.

1790 - view

Bennelong escapes from Governor Phillip’s house.

1790 - view

Willermarin, a Koori man visiting from the north, spears Governor Phillip at Manly Cove. Phillip has taken up the invitation of Bennelong to attend a whale feast. Phillip is the victim of an attack and is speared in the shoulder, staggers back to his longboat while his soldiers disperse the Aboriginal people. Phillip does not order retribution and Bennelong is later welcomed back into Phillip’s confidence.

1790 - view

Pemulwuy, a Koori from near Parramatta, fights the invasion by the English through attacks upon the settlement. His group commits many raids killing or wounding 17 people. Pemulwuy spears Governor Phillip’s game keeper John McIntire who dies from his wounds.

1792 - view

Governor Phillip leaves for England taking Koories, Bennelong and Yemmerrawanne.

1794 - view

Pemulwuy leads his men on a raid at Parramatta and is wounded. Collins notes ‘the natives have become troublesome … forcibly taking provisions and clothing from convicts”. (Collins 1971 vol 1, p. 297)

1795 - view

Pemulwuy is seen at an initiation ceremony, recovered from wounds. He leads a new attack on settlers at Brickfield Hill.

1797 - view

Bennelong takes part in the last recorded initiation corroboree at Port Jackson (Collins 1975, p. 49)

1799 - view

Bungaree is recruited from Broken Bay by Mathew Flinders to accompany his voyage of exploration in the Porpoise . He is probably 18 years old. Flinders writes of him, “His achievements are many, his character excellent and his conduct on the voyage assisted Flinders to survive the numerous meetings with many Aboriginal clans”. (Smith 1992)

1799 - view

John Molloy, a surgeon in the Hawkesbury district, reports that in the four years prior to 1799, 26 settlers have been killed and 13 wounded.

1800 - 1803 - view

Her mother is ‘Queen’ Matora, a wife of Bungaree.

1801 - view

Garigal clan leader Grewin from Patonga leads his clan in Pittwater helping seamen and plundering wreckage from shipwrecks. Report by Lieutenant James Grant who walks from North Head to Pittwater accompanied by three Garigal men, four women and two children. They meet 10 other Garigal people camped at “Narrobine [Narrabeen] Lagoon”.

1801 - view

10 June, Bungaree sails on the Lady Nelson to the Coal River, Newcastle, in an expedition looking for coal. At the Hunter River, Bungaree joins the Koories and makes his own way southwards to his country on foot.

1802 - 1803 - view

Bungaree sets out on 22 July on the Investigator to circumnavigate Australia with Matthew Flinders and another Koorie man Nanbaree, who has been brought up in the settlement by Surgeon White. Bungaree is the first Indigenous man to circumnavigate Australia.

1802 - 1803 - view

Nanbaree returns to Sydney earlier as he is homesick.