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1835 - view

Mickey and Merjey are charged with committing rape on Margaret Hansball.

1839 - view

The poor creature “Whippem-up” or Newton … lay for some days with no shelter from the late rain storms under some sugar bags. He was attached to the Bungaree Tribe having originally been brought from Broken Bay by a gentleman named Newton. … When Bungaree … fell sick … he was not received into the hospital till an order had been received from the Colonial Secretary.

1841 - view

Birth of James Lewis at Marramarra Creek. He marries Elizabeth Breach.

1842 - view

Another inquest was held on Saturday on the body of Toby an Aboriginal native, who had been convicted of murder and had been conducted to Cockatoo Island, “until the pleasure of Her Majesty should be known”. He had died from inflammation of the lungs

1843 - view

Birth of James Ashby, son of Charlotte Ashby. Marriage of Charlotte to James Ashby. They receive a land grant at Dora Creek, (Wyee). After Charlotte’s husband dies her children are taken away and put into the Benevolent Society Institution and her land is confiscated.

1846 - view

Birth of twins John and James to Elizabeth and Israel Rose at Marramarra Creek.

1872 - view

Death recorded of Dickey (Bungaree) Sydney, age 27 years.

1875 - view

Billy Fawkner was a Koori servant of the Ward family in Brisbane Waters, who helped to raise the children. During the 1860s and 70s he would travel to Dural to sell oysters and fish. With the money he would buy tea, sugar, flour, tobacco and pipes from the general store. The poet Henry Kendall knew Billy and wrote about him. King Billy’s cave was about 2 kilometres south of Berowra Creek. His wife Sal is said to have lived in a nearby cave.

1880s - view

A well known Koori man, Tarpot lives in a cave at Mosman Bay above the ‘Barn’, the Scout Hall at Mosman Bay. He survives by catching fish and doing odd jobs for local people. He usually dresses in cast off naval uniforms and is still alive in 1888. He is at one time caretaker of the Milson family slaughterhouse at foot of Willoughby St in Slaughterhouse Bay (now Careening Cove). However, Mann describes him as a Maori, and may have been one of the boys brought by Samuel Marsden from New Zealand.

1880 - view

Turo Downs Aboriginal man comes from Queensland to live in Brisbane Waters at Hardy’s Bay. Turo became an employee of Captain Anderson. A great swimmer and runner, he impresses those who see him when he dives from the rocks at Kilcare Beach to emerge with a lobster. He is remembered as a gentleman, astute, polite, and with good English. He is buried at Kincumber Churchyard where a stone bears tribute “respected by all”. He dies in 1942 aged 86.

1924 - view

Bob Waterer is born in Bayview to Harriet Godbold and Albert Waterer a soldier born in England. Bob is Bungaree’s great great great grandson, Bob later lives in Brookvale and is a baker.

1960s - view

Marriage of Margaret Robinson (descendant of Bungaree) to Bruce Robinson.

1980s - view

Yvonne Bolton begins 25 years at the Royal Far West Childrens Home and is active in reconciliation issues.

1991 - view

Gillian Moody, an Aboriginal film maker, graduates from Barrenjoey High School, having grown up with her adopted family in Avalon. She works with the Indigenous Branch of Screen Australia.

2000 - view

Ian Raymond, Aboriginal Public Servant in the Dept of Sport and Recreation, lives in Dee Why. Faith Bandler, Indigenous activist and author lives on North Shore.

2000 - view

Corey Kirk, a young Avalon Indigenous woman, sings at the 2000 Opening of the Olympics.

2001 - view

Aboriginal Barrister and Manly resident Lincoln Crowley arrives in Manly.

2002 - view

Jessica Birk, a young Indigenous artist, painter and printmaker, exhibits at Art Express in the Art Gallery of NSW. She becomes an established artist in Northern Sydney.

2003 - view

Tributes pour in after death of Sue Osborne, Aboriginal Support Group member.

2005 - view

Herb Smith, a Wiradjuri man, is appointed Aboriginal Community Facilitator of the Aboriginal Child, Youth and Family Strategy across 11 local councils in the Northern Sydney region.