Topics: Families and children: North West

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1838 - view

removal of Goori children from their families, the exclusion of Goori children from the public school system, exclusion of Gooris from the public welfare system, the exclusion of Gooris from award wage entitlements and the denial of Goori rights to land and cultural pursuits

1839 - view

forcible detention of Goori women in the squatting districts

1839 - view

Eliza takes a great interest in the welfare and culture of Aborigines

1839 - view

The women are dressed in “loose ragged gowns” and the men in a “strip of blanket wrapped round the middle, or a pair of tattered pantaloons”

1839 - view

One woman is “good-looking, with large black eyes, white teeth and small features”. She is well dressed and has a “pretty half-caste” clinging to her skirts

1840 - view

Two “lads” track and pursue with the “horse police”

1840 - view

Aboriginal families and tribes

1840 - view

he and his unnamed wife had one son

1842 - view

Bubbya and his wife had a child, a son

1843 - view

Betty and Johnny Cox have seven children

1845 - view

There are four “half-castes” in the district, two are adult females and are married to white men, and two children who are living after the manner of the Aborigines

1846 - view

“I have found a family of half-castes, the children of John Lewis or Ferdinand

1847 - view

Sackville family

1847 - view

an extensive community

1847 - view

Clark(e) family

1855 - view

Hawkesbury Darkinung family

1862 - view

The Walter family

1866 - view

The two older children are taken away from her

1882 - view

7 children of whom two survive

1883 - view

Tom is unable to pay the school fees for his large number of children