Topics: Families and children: North West

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1883 - view

They have two female children, both die before their mother

1887 - view

Children are separated from their families. Some inmates later remember they are sent to “hell”

1890 - view

Six children attend the Sackville Reach public school

1890 - view

Six Aboriginal children attend Sackville Reach Public School

1901 - view

Barber and Everingham families

1902 - view

Grandchildren of Martha Hobbs Everingham

1903 - view

Barber family

1905 - view

Simpson family

1905 - view

21 children. His wives and children are: Bellandella (dies before 1868). They have two children:

1905 - view

Many families arrive in Singleton

1905 - view

Darkinjung families travel north

1906 - view

a family member of “ King Boney ” of Wollombi

1907 - view

Henry Barber and Annie’s sons

1908 - view

relinquish family connections

1909 - view

Walter family

1909 - view

breaking up of Aboriginal families

1909 - view

destruction of Aboriginal families and society by separating children from their parents

1909 - view

The Stolen Generations

1915 - 1939 - view

Families are threatened

1915 - 1939 - view

APB is entitled to forcibly remove Indigenous children from their families