Topics: Families and children

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1934 - North West - view

As a “half-caste” girl, Joyce is removed from her mother and home while a small child

1935 - Central - view


1935 - South Coastal - view


1935 - South Coastal - view


1935 - Central - view


1936 - South Coastal - view

Koori women

1937 - South Coastal - view

Koori families

1938 - North West - view

Percy Haslam’s family

1939 - Central - view

We all knew each other and we had little to do with white people

1939 - North West - view

As a child, he spends many hours with his grandparents learning about his culture

1939 - South Coastal - view


1940 - Central - view

‘My family was evicted

1941 - North West - view

As a small child Merle Stevenson (parents Cleo Jonas and Robert Stevenson ) returns with her family to her Spirit Home

1942 - West - view


1943 - Central - view

Her baby is removed from her at three weeks

1946 - Central - view

‘It was the big thing to come for young Aboriginal people, I was 17. Mum used to tell him, ‘Oh don’t fight with the manager Chicka. He’ll cut off our rations'

1946 - West - view

adopting parents

1946 - North West - view

The fear of having their children taken away by the APB (later Welfare Board)

1946 - South Coastal - view


1950 - North West - view

The assimilation policy denies Aboriginal people their basic rights. It stops them from raising their own children