Topics: Families and children

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1980s - North Coastal - view

Lois Birk is employed at the Royal Far West Children’s Home as Aboriginal Co-Ordinator. She then moves to Fisher Road Special School.

1980s - North Coastal - view

Susan Moylan-Coombs works with Manly Council from the Community Office on Social Plan for Indigenous people in Northern Beaches.

1980 - Central - view

250 families are accommodated in the Redfern area, mainly the Block

1980 - Central - view

250 families on the waiting list for accommodation

1983 - North West - view

Everingham Family “Reunion”

1984 - North West - view

Program grant to promote the care and fostering of Aboriginal children in Aboriginal homes

1985 - Central - view

For many families the houses are too small or too expensive to maintain

1985 - Central - view

AHC is expected to take responsibility

1985 - South Coastal - view


1986 - North Coastal - view

A burial is discovered at Avalon Angophora reserve rock shelter site 1 km from coast in Avalon. Remains include a fully articulated woman’s skeleton and her 6 month old baby skeleton in her arms. The woman has a gypsum cap (clay) on her head used for mourning the dead. Two children are also buried in the rock shelter. The skeletons are ritually reburied in 1986 by Aboriginal Site Officers to acknowledge traditional respect for not disturbing the dead.

1987 - South Coastal - view


1988 - West - view


1989 - North West - view

“Fighting Sands” brothers

1990 - North Coastal - view

A Land Rights claim initiated by Susan Moylan-Coombs is made over land with Koori rock engravings at Wahroonga between the F3 motorway and Curtin Ave.

1991 - North Coastal - view

Gillian Moody, an Aboriginal film maker, graduates from Barrenjoey High School, having grown up with her adopted family in Avalon. She works with the Indigenous Branch of Screen Australia.

1992 - Central - view

children, appear to bear symptoms of crippling poverty

1992 - West - view


1998 - North West - view

loss of their lives and their freedom, and the forced removal of their children

2000 - North Coastal - view

Birth of children Kyle and Tyler to Tracey Howie (descendant of Bungaree and Matora) and Warren Howie, on the Central Coast.

2000 - Central - view

elderly Aboriginal people