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Paramatta Girls Home


Parramatta Native Institute

1819 - view

Parramatta Native Institution

1823 - view

Wellington Valley Mission

1824 - view

Female Orphan Institution

1825 - view

Native Institution

1839 - view

Parramatta Native Institution

1842 - view

Wooll’s school

1866 - view

Emerald Hill Catholic Orphanage

1872 - view

St Joseph’s School

1878 - view

Mount Keira public school

1883 - view

school at Sandringham (Sans Souci)

1894 - view

Maloga Aboriginal Mission

1958 - view

St John’s Park Aboriginal Women’s group

1980 - view

Liverpool College of TAFE

1980 - view

Aboriginal Unit

1988 - view

Gundangarra Land Council

1988 - view

Liverpool College of TAFE

1995 - view

Gundungurra Tribal Council Aboriginal Corporation

2013 - view

Gandangara Aboriginal Land Council