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1932 - view

talk on politics

1933 - view

organises a strike

1935 - view

Land Rights

1935 - view

landlords evicting tenants

1938 - view

'Day of Mourning'

1941 - view

first radio broadcast by an Aboriginal person

1947 - view

street parade

1947 - view

protests against the discrimination of Koori people

1952 - view

shacks are finally demolished

1957 - view

leaves her position as Aboriginal member of the Aborigines Welfare

1964 - view

demolish some of the older huts on the La Perouse reserve

1968 - view

works at the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs

1972 - view

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is erected

1980 - view

Aboriginal Teaching Assistants from La Perouse begin training courses

1983 - view

Local Aboriginal Land Councils to claim vacant Crown land

1984 - view

La Perouse LALC receives title deeds

1988 - view

protest against the Bicentennial celebrations is staged

1988 - view

The Survival Concerts

1992 - view

Survival Day, originating in the 1988 march

2006 - view

healing workshops and art classes