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supported them as they tried to make a living by supplying them with native foods


When they started the land council the ethos was, as stated by Kevin Cook , not about ownership, but being custodians and protecting the land and sites

1804 - view

His head is cut off

1816 - view

punitive expeditions

1824 - view

A tribal gathering

1826 - view

Governor’s Feast

1857 - view

writes a petition to the NSW government

1883 - view

Aborigines Protection Board is established

1883 - view

Aborigines Welfare Board to provide boats

1889 - view

formally reserved

1890 - view

Koories sign a petition

1893 - view

a petition to the government

1925 - view

expelled from reserves

1926 - view

La Perouse reserve revoked and it's residents moved

1926 - view

repossessed by the Catholic Church

1927 - view

joining the Aborigines Progressive Association

1928 - view

removed by Welfare

1930 - view

speak from a fruit box

1930 - view

1938 celebration of 150 years of white settlement

1931 - view

organise a camp for unemployed Aboriginal workers