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1830 - view

widespread conflicts

1830 - view

economic depression

1836 - view

a gathering at Botany Bay 1842

1851 - view

" They were lost, and are found."

1851 - view

three children having strayed into the desert at the back of Appin

1857 - view

He demands recognition for long tenure of this land

1900 - view

one of the largest gatherings of Gandangara people in the 20th century

1904 - view

At least three young Koori adults die of tuberculosis

1914 - view

When a battle was to take place fighting men would be gathered from the main tribe and all the sub tribes, and, all would combine together

1920 - view

loss of their traditional sources of employment

1955 - view

Many Aboriginal men are employed to cut and burn timber

1988 - view

The Eel Dreamers project: Garangatch and Murrigan as a performance on the Bents Basin site of significance