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1947 - view

Eureka Stockade, is shot on set at Blind Creek, Singleton . Director Harry Watt seeks to employ local workers and cast people in small parts

1948 - view

world boxing title

1948 - view

Sands defeats Robert Villemain in the “fight of the year” and months later is victorious over Dick Turpin in less than 3 minutes for the British Empire middleweight title

1949 - view

Pilbara strikers is rewarded with improvements to pay and conditions for Indigenous people

1949 - view

After his return from the US where he holds a Churchhill scholarship, Brady speaks out on issues of justice

1949 - view

concert tour of five states

1952 - view

Dave Sands, national and Empire middleweight boxing champion and contender for the world title has died at the age of 26

1952 - view

A stone obelisk monument to the “Lost Tribes of the Hawkesbury” is raised at the site of the old Sackville Reserve

1958 - view

Bert Groves, opposes the policy of assimilation, which he likens to extermination

1960 - view

American Black Power Movement

1961 - view

all aborigines and part-aborigines are expected eventually to attain the same manner of living as other Australians and to live as members of a single Australian community enjoying the same rights and privileges, accepting the same responsibilities, observing the same customs and influenced by the same beliefs, hopes and loyalties as other Australians

1963 - view

the forced removal of Gooris

1964 - view

“Massacre of Aborigines”

1965 - view

Perkins co-organises a “Freedom Ride” with 30 white students. He takes a bus ride into many country towns, including Moree, exposes racism

1966 - view

Gurinji Walkout at Wave Hill Station

1968 - view

The Cherry Pickers

1968 - view

first Aboriginal to win a World Professional Boxing Championship

1970 - view

Wollombi “1970 Bi-Centenary” commemorates Aboriginal history

1970 - view

Pittock amendments to FCAATSI constitution

1971 - view

Evonne Goolagong beats Margaret Court in the first all-Australian final in the 87 year history of Women’s Singles at the Wimbledon Open