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1910 - North Coastal - view

(Alderman) Frederick Passau writes to the Manly Daily , 31 January 1910, that a stone hatchet, evidently Aboriginal, has been found in a trench at the intersection of Ashburner Street and East Esplanade Manly, on 25 January 1910. Made of Nepean boulder, “no similar stone exists in the vicinity”.

1912 - North West - view

He argues that Darkinjung, “Wonnarua” (Wannarua, Wannerawa) and “Awabakal” are the same language referred to as “Middle-Kuri”

1914 - South West - view

Bur rung-gullut

1914 - South West - view


1914 - South West - view


1914 - South West - view

'My earliest recollections are naturally of my mother, ... "Wonduck" named after the place where she was born, near Richlands, which was the custom of my tribe, i.e the Gun-dun-gorra

1917 - North West - view

Aboriginal language and tradition

1917 - North West - view

Haslam records that they take him through some ceremonies when he is approximately 12 years old and give him the name Pip-peeta (little Hawk). This is the beginning of a life commitment to the study of and support for Aboriginal culture and history

1918 - North West - view

Aboriginal language and culture. This includes the rock art, ceremonies, kinship, mythology, material culture and more of Darkinung peoples

1920s - North Coastal - view

A Koori camp exists near the present Warringah Golf Course. People eat both traditional and European foods, (Dennis Foley, oral history).

1920 - South West - view

annual migration route

1921 - South Coastal - view

fishing, collecting and carving mangrove wood for artefacts, and collecting gum tips and wildflowers and making shellwork

1921 - West - view

paint their faces

1921 - West - view


1921 - West - view


1924 - North West - view

The remnants of traditional people from the Lake Macquarie/ Newcastle region adopt John Frasers invented terms of “ Awabakal ” and “the people of Awaba” to begin to refer to themselves as “the Awabakal”

1924 - North West - view

regain control of their land

1924 - West - view

film “Fisher’s ghost”

1925 - North Coastal - view

Father Browne, a Jesuit priest, visits people whom he identifies as ‘Aborigines’ at Middle Harbour, Spit and publishes two photographs. The site is probably Quakers Hat Bay, near the Spit.

1926 - South Coastal - view

catching prawns in hessian bags