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1926 - South Coastal - view

catching prawns in hessian bags

1926 - South Coastal - view

old fellas sittin’ around in a ring

1928 - North Coastal - view

The last known fluent speaker of the Guringai language dies in Ryde.

1929 - South West - view

cave water to treat skin conditions

1929 - South Coastal - view

engraved brass breastplate

1930 - South Coastal - view

catch mullet fish in nets and share with the community

1930 - South Coastal - view

Boomerang making and demonstrating

1930 - South West - view

Darug language

1930 - South Coastal - view

we don’t have witchcraft, we have penicillin and antibiotics

1931 - North Coastal - view

The ethnographic journal Mankind publishes information about the Cammeray ceremonial ground that is about ten minutes walk from the corner of Frenchs Forest Rd and Mona Vale Rd. It is described as a sloping rock with running water where young boys became men.

1932 - South Coastal - view

a Corroboree

1932 - South Coastal - view

Gum Leaf band from Wallaga Lake

1933 - South Coastal - view

One hundred and fifty years ago, the Aboriginals owned Australia

1934 - South West - view

aborigines made frequent hunting trips

1937 - Central - view

Aboriginal musician, singer, songwriter and guitarist

1938 - South Coastal - view

Aborigines Progressive Association

1940 - South West - view


1941 - South Coastal - view

1938 Day of Mourning

1941 - North West - view

our real Spirit Home

1941 - North West - view

It was there where I came alive. I could feel a belonging