Members of various Northern Shore clans are living at Quakers Hat Bay near Mosman. Carvings can be still seen on the roof of a cave. (Mann 1932)

  • Seaforth, looking towards Quakers Hat Bay

Koories of the Terramerragal clan camp from time to time at Fuller’s Bridge, Lane Cove River.

  • Lane Cove River


Richard Hill of the Aboriginal Protection Board recalls that the district of “Cammera” extended from the northern part of the harbour ”say from North head to Lane Cove River … right away north to the Hawkesbury and away east to the sea coast”. Daniel Southwell called the entire north shore Gom-ma-ree (Cammeray). Mr Hill would allow Koories to camp at his place in Mosman.

  • Anderson Park, Neutral Bay, once a popular camping site
  • Lane Cove River


Birth of William de Serve, a Guringai Koori farmer and fisherman on Barenjoey Peninsula.

  • Barenjoey Peninsula


At a meeting of Manly Council on 10 June 1899, reference made to the naming of what has become known as Little Manly Point. Alderman Charles Tucker states that a letter from George Thornton, Chairman of the Aborigines Protection Board, suggested that this point of land should retain the original name by which it was known to the local tribe. This tribe was the remnant of a former large tribe, and its members regarded this point of land, on which were their “gibbah gunyahs”, as their living area. They knew it as ‘Kihimatta’, which in their local dialect meant a “sign of sleeping places”.

  • Sydney Heads near Manly Beach, Courtesy Manly Museum and Gallery Library

Death recorded of Aboriginal man: Norman at Gosford. (Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages, NSW)


The Manly News, 10 March 1899 reports “Twenty years ago, [Alderman] Adam Russell [who had a contracting business] says he unearthed the skeletons of Aboriginals on the flat near Fairy Bower steps, and thinks it must have been a burying place for our dusky predecessors.” (Manly News, 10 March 1899)

Birth of Clarise Malinda Morris (Nana Watson, grandmother of Dennis Foley).