Jamie Wolther-Pinkerton, Private Secretary to HRH Prince William of Wales and HRH Prince Henry of Wales, writes that ‘Prince William on his recent visit to Redfern had been asked if he could help investigate the circumstances surrounding the missing head of Pemulwuy. ‘The reason for this was that The Prince was very deeply moved by the story of the warrior’s death and decapitation, and by the depth of feeling that this, rightly, still arouses within the Indigenous community of Australia.’ In a letter to Mick Mundine, Redfern Community Centre, Mr Wolther-Pinkerton explains that Pemulwuy’s head may have been destroyed in the bombing of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1941, or possibly may even have been returned to Australia in 1998. The Prince intends to keep on with his investigations as to the whereabouts of Pemulwuy’s remains.

Ros Field is CEO of the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council.


Chris Ingray is CEO of the organisation and continues working to identify Aboriginal sites and land claims.


Waverly Council works with the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council to celebrate or commemorate Cultural Days of Significance such as:

The Apology, 13th February - anniversary of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Apology to Australia's Indigenous People's.

• Harmony Day, 21st March- International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

• National Close The Gap Day- 22nd March- campaign for Indigenous health equality

Sorry Day 26th May- commemorating the Stolen Generation

Reconciliation Week- 27th May-3rd June- marking two significant historical events, the 1967 Referendum (27th May 1967) and the Mabo decision 3rd June 1992

NAIDOC week 1st-8th July- Celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture, history, and achievements.

National Aboriginal and Islander Children's Day- 4th August- a celebration of children

The decision for Malabar police station to be named Aboriginal land creates mixed feelings among the indigenous community.The 1234 Anzac Pde site is to be transferred to the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council within 60 days following a Land and Environment Court ruling on Friday 3rd February.