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1986 - view

Boomali Aboriginal Artists Co-Operative is established in Chippendale

1989 - view

accidentally killed by police

1989 - view

National Black Playwrights Conference

1990 - view

Redfern Community Employment Program

1997 - view

Native Title Claim

2000 - 2010 - view

Metropolitan Land Council

2000 - view

Several hundred thousand people walk across the Harbour Bridge, signifying 'Sorry' to the Stolen Generations

2000 - view

Aboriginal Tent Embassy

2000 - view

Equity Social Justice and Human Rights Award

2000 - view


2000 - view

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Person of the Year

2000 - view

‘Claiming Cockatoo Island for Aboriginal people'

2001 - view

Koori vessel Tribal Warrior sets out to circumnavigate Australia

2002 - view

tent embassy was removed

2002 - view

major re-education of the mainstream community

2003 - view

the Aboriginal Medical Centre opens again,

2004 - view

Community Justice Group is set up

2008 - view

Australia's oldest Indigenous education provider, celebrating its 50th anniversary

2008 - view

Indigenous Team of the Century

2010 - view

one of the biggest upsets in Australian boxing history