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1830 - view

Annual Conference with the Natives

1835 - view

agricultural operations of the settlers

1838 - view

Aborigines’ Protection Society holds its first meeting

1839 - view

a prize was adjudged

1851 - view

evangelizing of the Aborigines

1878 - view

non payment of rates

1881 - view

charged with being found lodging in an Aboriginal's hut

1882 - view

Botany Cricket team

1887 - view

absorption into the general community may at some future date be accomplished

1890 - view

Koorie's sign a petition

1890 - view

not addicted to habits of intemperance

1892 - view

donates land for a mission

1893 - view

prominent figures in the cricket field

1895 - view

One of the Sackville Reach reserves is revoked

1898 - view

death of the oldest Aboriginal in the Hawkesbury

1899 - view

Boer war

1900 - view

selected to tour England with an Australian cricket team

1901 - view

Katoom fern harvesting

1901 - view

avoid the restrictions of the managed reserves

1901 - view

an ex nun, teaches music