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1957 - view

The Gully community at Katoomba is destroyed following the construction of a racetrack in the Upper Katoomba Falls Creek Valley

1969 - view

The care of Indigenous children now comes under an Advisory Council that is set up, made up of Indigenous representatives

1970 - view

Darug people protest against selling off of land near Eastern Creek

1970 - view

people protest against selling off of land

1982 - view

‘she is not black enough’

1987 - view

She develops innovative courses for Aboriginal students such as Aboriginal Communication, history, and art

1988 - view

commemorate the 200 years of Aboriginal survival

1992 - view

Link Up moves

1999 - view

The song sings on: Life and Legacy of Maria Lock

1999 - view

a memorial to the meeting of Governor Phillip and Yellomundee

2002 - view

Murru Mittigah Cultural Centre opens in Penrith

2006 - view

Darug descendants "just want recognition of who they are and where they come from"

2006 - view

University’s commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

2007 - view

Link Up

2011 - view

NSW Parliament award for Aboriginal art

2012 - view

‘how the Darug people lived, our language, and ancesters'

2012 - view

Catholic Church is active in developing Aboriginal cultural awareness

2012 - view

RECONCILIATION Week in Western Sydney

2012 - view

Deerubbin Local Aboriginal Land Council wins Native Title