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1940 - Central - view

Aboriginal and workers rights

1941 - South Coastal - view

first radio broadcast by an Aboriginal person

1941 - West - view

Right to receipt of child endowment for Indigenous Australians restored

1941 - Central - view

talk on radio, the first time an Aboriginal person has

1943 - North West - view

Andy was “in his glory when with children”…he would take them to Maroota to pick waratahs, then give the flowers away on their return home; he spent a great deal of time camped below Ebenezer Church near the river fishing

1944 - North West - view

Blair does work hard. He reportedly goes from singing on canefields and illiteracy at 18 years of age to an outstanding tenor who sings in five languages and performs on the stage around the world

1946 - North West - view

Sackville Reach Aborigines Reserve Nos 23598 and 28546 are revoked

1946 - North West - view

Pilbara campaign. Nearly 800 Aboriginal pastoral workers defy the Aborigines Act 1905 (WA) and walk off in protest over lack of personal freedom, poor pay (often only rations) and sub-standard living conditions

1946 - North West - view

Australia’s longest strike

1946 - Central - view

Koori place for dances and meetings

1946 - North West - view

Dave Sands becomes champion boxer

1947 - North West - view

Eureka Stockade, is shot on set at Blind Creek, Singleton . Director Harry Watt seeks to employ local workers and cast people in small parts

1947 - South Coastal - view

street parade

1947 - South Coastal - view

protests against the discrimination of Koori people

1948 - North West - view

world boxing title

1948 - North West - view

Sands defeats Robert Villemain in the “fight of the year” and months later is victorious over Dick Turpin in less than 3 minutes for the British Empire middleweight title

1949 - North West - view

Pilbara strikers is rewarded with improvements to pay and conditions for Indigenous people

1949 - North West - view

After his return from the US where he holds a Churchhill scholarship, Brady speaks out on issues of justice

1949 - North West - view

concert tour of five states

1952 - South Coastal - view

shacks are finally demolished