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1952 - North West - view

Dave Sands, national and Empire middleweight boxing champion and contender for the world title has died at the age of 26

1952 - North West - view

A stone obelisk monument to the “Lost Tribes of the Hawkesbury” is raised at the site of the old Sackville Reserve

1955 - South West - view

Many Aboriginal men are employed to cut and burn timber

1956 - Central - view

Aboriginal-Australian Fellowship

1957 - West - view

The Gully community at Katoomba is destroyed following the construction of a racetrack in the Upper Katoomba Falls Creek Valley

1957 - South Coastal - view

leaves her position as Aboriginal member of the Aborigines Welfare

1958 - Central - view

First Conference of the Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement

1958 - North West - view

Bert Groves, opposes the policy of assimilation, which he likens to extermination

1959 - Central - view

Australian Aboriginal Fellowship

1959 - Central - view


1959 - North Coastal - view

The Foundation of the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines, FCAA (later FCAATSI) is established. This organisation later includes the Indigenous members, Kath Walker (Oodgeroo Nunukal), Mum Shirl, Ken Brindle, Chicka Dixon and Bert Groves.

1959 - North Coastal - view

“Far West Children’s Health Scheme” at Manly is incorporated whose support includes Indigenous children.

1960 - Central - view

Fellowship dances

1960 - North West - view

American Black Power Movement

1961 - Central - view

Lester gets a beating from the police using rubber hoses and wet towels. ‘I got gangrene from the beating and my [foot?] had to be amputated’

1961 - Central - view


1961 - Central - view

eight point policy of action demanding change including full citizenship and encouragement of co-operatives where possible

1961 - Central - view

Lester gets a beating from the police using rubber hoses and wet towels. ‘I got gangrene from the beating and my [foot?] had to be amputated’.

1961 - Central - view

APA (Aboriginals Protection Association) hold a protest at Koori people, not being allowed to drink at his pub

1961 - North West - view

all aborigines and part-aborigines are expected eventually to attain the same manner of living as other Australians and to live as members of a single Australian community enjoying the same rights and privileges, accepting the same responsibilities, observing the same customs and influenced by the same beliefs, hopes and loyalties as other Australians