Frederick Barber is closely involved with the Australian Inland Mission and is selected as the first Aboriginal helper to trial as a missionary. His first post is Burnt Bridge Mission on the Macleay river. He also serves at Woolbrook, Long Gully, Tingha in 1934. While living in Armidale in 1930s he plays with and coaches the all-Aboriginal cricket team there. He is an accomplished singer and sings solo at the annual Australian Aborigines Conference in 1909. He is an excellent violin player. His sister Chrissy also plays the violin, having received lessons at Sackville Reach in their childhood.

  • Yeri Barber
  • Andrew Barber
  • Millie and Chrissie Barber, daughters of John Luke Barber

Wesley Foster and his wife Adelaide Foster have a child May. The Foster family live at La Perouse.

  • Foster Family

The population of Katoomba (38) is growing while ‘Windsor, Blacktown Rd and Sackville Reach’ are together listed by the APB Report as only 61. (Report p. 19)

  • Colin Lock with Gully map
  • Colin Lock points to Gully residents homes
  • Sign at entrance to the Gully, Katoomba, where Darug and Gundungurra people lived
  • The Gully, Katoomba
  • Catalina Park race track at the Gully-Koories were moved off in 1959
  • The Mission church in the Gully, Katoomba

Church services cease at the Plumpton reserve and the Christian Mission is closed down.


Aborigines Protection Board Minutes: 5 entries about William Castles. Regarding his indentured apprenticeship. He was in Bombaderry Children’s Home until 1911 then moved to Emu Plains until 1913. Joined AIF 1916 Pte 2507, 54 Bn.. Injured, Albuminuria BWM Victory medal.

Aboriginal Protection Board minutes: “Sackville Reach Public School, Elsie Morley 10 yrs and Louisa Morley 8 yrs conveyed to and from school”.

Birth of Lillian Bertha Stubbings , she marries Jack Whitten, then later marries William (Bill) Gordon Morton. They have son Gordon William Morton born 1945 in Rooty Hill. Daughters Edna Morton 1940. Evelyn Morton 1947.

  • Unknown Darug couple
  • Ernie Dawn, Normie Gale, Lillian Stubbings and Bill Morton
  • Hawkesbury, 1882
  • Marie Cooper nee Locke lived in the Gully, Katoomba
  • Mrs Tucker and Lillian Stubbings
  • Bill Stubbings and actor Jack Thompson
  • Mickey Stubbings and Karadji Lock and Gordon Morton as a child
  • Gordon Morton's Aunts, the Stubbings sisters
  • Monty Stubbings in the Gully, Katoomba
  • Lizzy Stubbings
  • Joe Stubbings and Jackie Brooks


Koori elder, Billy Lynch dies in the Gully at Katoomba. Eva Agnes Castle (Webb) has child Amy Susana Webb.

  • Frank Smith (baby) with his mother & family with Aboriginal elder ( Billy Lynch)


Eight men of the Locke family volunteer for military service.


The Commonwealth Maternity Act: excludes Indigenous Australians from receiving maternity allowance.

The Aborigines Protection Board is empowered to remove and apprentice Indigenous children without a court hearing. From 1915 to 1939 the NSW Aborigines Protection Board, under the Aborigines Protection Act (1915, 1918, 1936) (NSW) is entitled to forcibly remove Indigenous children from their families without parental or court consent. This 1915 amendment to the Act also abolishes the minimum age at which Indigenous children can be apprenticed. Indigenous Australians' movement between reserves is strictly controlled and families are threatened with the removal of their children if they do not comply with the Board's orders.

Henry Barber, Ballendella’s younger son plays cricket for Sackville Reach and Riverstone Cricket Clubs. He is a fine wicket keeper. His wife Annie is a Darkinjung woman from Wollombi who dies in 1915. Her final years are spent at La Perouse Mission where she is known as Granny Barber.

  • Granny Barber


Ruby Reynolds of Wilberforce, grand daughter of Mary Thomas, marries Walter Janson. The family has ceased to aknowledge their Aboriginal heritage. They tell stories of having been of convict stock and owning a butcher’s shop in Wilberforce.

  • Neville Janson, Darug descendant, approximately 1948
  • Noel, Neville, Nita and Ken Janson 1930
  • Neville Janson, 1928
  • Neville Janson at Chatswood primary school 1938