Charlie Leon becomes a member of the Aborigines Welfare Board.

Diane O’Brien sent to Carrabah Institution.

Robert Bergan born 1927 son of Lavinia Lock , is granted a certificate of exemption 20/9/1960. Address is Riverwood Housing Settlement.


Birth of Leanne Tobin, 1963. Christopher Tobin, 1964, Lisa Tobin, 1969 Jacinta Tobin.


Prohibition of sale, or gift, of alcohol to Indigenous Australians. Various forms of the prohibition continue to appear until 1963.

Birth of Richard Green.


John Mulvay finds plenty of discrimination in Katoomba, but not only of Koori's.

Diane O’Brien is raped and becomes pregnant. She is determined to keep her baby even if it means marrying the rapist. Video,’ Adopted, raped and pregnant. But I’m going to keep my baby’. Having left her husband, Diane O’Brien hides from the welfare by living in an old car at Granville tip. Video, ‘I’m going to keep my baby come what may’.


Koori people, from all over the state, know and recognise each other, but keep their identity a secret from outsiders. Video,’ From Redfern to Fairfield’


John Mulvay goes to school in Leura and Katoomba. Video, ‘School was pretty horrific’

John Mulvay often finds peace in the Lyrebird Dell, Katoomba.

The introduction of the Aboriginal Study Grants Scheme identifies school secondary students – the awards are made through each school administration. Often the award comes as a surprise to non-Aboriginal children. Whether one does or does not declare an Aboriginal identity becomes more critical at this point throughout Sydney. Video, ‘It wasn’t till my teens that there was a significant difference’

Birth of Shane Smithers, his mother is Robyn Smithers nee Janson descendant of Mary Thomas who was born in Freemans Reach camp in 1830.


Aborigines Act (NSW) dissolves the Welfare Board and makes a significant change in direction of government policy. The care of Indigenous children now comes under an Advisory Council that is set up, made up of Indigenous representatives. The Aborigines Act also vests reserve land in the control of the Minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs who may then dispose of them to Indigenous communities.

Dennis Foley, growing up in Chester Hill, has a variety of adventures. Videos, ‘Gotta you a story’ ‘The exploding brewery’