William Rowley is born near the Towra Promontory on the Georges River. Goodall and Cadzow, p 69.


John Malone and his family are living from time gathering shellfish at Weeney Bay, southern Botany Bay.

The Randwick Asylum for Destitute children was established, some Koori children were living there. It remained open until 1915.

  • Randwick Asylum for Destitute Children


Several Aboriginal communities are flourishing, including Kyle Bay.


William Rowley is born at Pelican Point., near Weeney Bay, Botany Bay. During his life he lives at Weeney Bay, La Perouse, and Salt Pan Creek (in the 1920s) Goodall and Cadzow, Rivers and Resilience, p 81.

Mahroot dies having lived in the grounds of Sir Joseph Banks Hotel in Botany. Karskens, p 51-25.

  • Sir Joseph Banks Hotel


One of the women living in Mahroot’s camp lives with a man named Malone. Their son John becomes an important Dharwal figure, and though wrongly identified as ‘the last of his tribe’, has many descendants. His children include Elizabeth and Harry. His grandchildren return to Kogarah Bay by 1883. Goodall and Cadzow, Rivers and Resilience, p 66.

  • Aboriginal family group in the Shoalhaven area of NSW - 1855


Ellen, daughter of Biddy Giles, is born.


Kogi’s grandson Jonathon Goggey writes a petition to the NSW government explaining that he and his father Jack had been living on the Picnic Point block for 21 years, providing a refuge for other Aboriginal people also. No record survives of the government’s response to this petition.