Biddy Giles marries Billy Giles and moves between the southern bank of the Georges River, the east coast, and Port Hacking. She takes up land at Garagurang (Mill Creek) on the Georges River. This is better known, at the time, as 'Biddy's farm'. She lives in a farmhouse built by a previous occupant, Doctor Cuthill.

  • Biddy Giles and Jimmy Lowndes, Georges River Tribe - 1880 - courtesy of the National Library of Australia


The Dharawal Malone family fight to keep their land at Weeney Bay. Goodall and Cadzow, p 69


Biddy Giles’ farm flourishes at Mill Creek. She has quinces, horses, a cow, goats and hunting dogs. She ferries people across the Georges River and other destinations, and relates traditional stories about the country to them. She becomes well known and highly respected.

  • Saltpan Creek - 10 km from La Perouse
  • Saltpan Creek where Koori families lived and made artefacts to sell


Lucy and William Leane are building up a flourishing farm near Kogi’s land at Picnic Point. It has pasture, a vineyard and an orchard.