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1805 - North West - view

Men in fringe camps sometimes agree to guide punitive expeditions against Aboriginal people on the basis that they will be permitted to take women after their men are killed

1805 - North West - view

ergeant Obadiah Ikin lived peacefully with local Aborigal people. After the massacre, he sells his land

1805 - North West - view

Six Aboriginal men from Newcastle are taken to Sydney to meet Governor King

1806 - West - view

killings and burnings

1808 - North West - view

Governor Macquarie ’s leadership (1810-1822). He arrives in 1810 and creates new positions including Andrew Thompson as the Hawkesbury’s Justice of the Peace and Magistrate

1809 - West - view


1809 - North Coastal - view

The Hazard lost at sea with 400 bushels of wheat is driven ashore at Box Head, Ettalong, while tribespeople save a young boy from drowning. (Macken 1991)

1810 - South West - view

Macquarie, Proclamation

1811 - West - view

abducts and rapes

1814 - West - view

Punitive Expedition

1814 - South West - view

kill the white settlers

1814 - North West - view

Six year old Maria from Richmond Hill is educated there. Maria remains at the Institution until she is 14

1814 - South West - view

Violence erupts

1814 - South West - view

mount a full attack on the settlers

1816 - South Coastal - view

punitive expeditions

1816 - West - view

capture 12 Aboriginal boys and six girls, between four and six years of age, for the Native Institution at Parramatta

1816 - North West - view

make“gorgets or breast plates with chains for native chiefs”

1816 - West - view

promises to grant ‘small parcels of land to such of them [Aborigines] as are inclined to become regular settlers’

1816 - North West - view

Aborigines are designated “king” rather than merely “chief”

1816 - West - view

He promises Nurragingy and Colebee a joint grant of 30 acres at South Creek (now Blacktown)