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1941 - West - view

Governor Macquarie

1959 - North Coastal - view

FCAA and the Indigenous leader Pearl Gibbs (born in Botany) campaign for civil rights.

1960s - North Coastal - view

Birth of Tracey Howie (nee Robinson), Wendy Robinson, Yvette Walker nee Robinson and Wayne Robinson, Trudy Smith nee Robley, Brian Robley, Michael Dudley, Sharon Cartwright nee Robinson, Kevin and Michael Robinson (descendants of Bungaree).

1961 - North West - view

Hon Paul Hasluck MP

1961 - North Coastal - view

Pearl Gibbs works with FCAATSI to remove discrimination against Indigenous patients in hospitals.

1963 - Central - view

State Governor

1963 - Central - view

lord mayor

1963 - Central - view

Lord Mayor

1967 - Central - view

Prime Minister

1968 - Central - view

Gough Whitlam

1971 - North West - view

Neville Bonner

1971 - North West - view


1972 - Central - view

Prime Minister McMahon

1972 - Central - view

Whitlam government

1972 - South Coastal - view

Prime Minister William McMahon

1973 - Central - view

Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam

1974 - South West - view


1978 - North Coastal - view

Julie Hendicott, an Indigenous woman from Stradbroke Island, arrives on Northern Beaches and goes on to work as an Aged Care Professional Case Manager.

1980s - North Coastal - view

Lois Birk is employed at the Royal Far West Children’s Home as Aboriginal Co-Ordinator. She then moves to Fisher Road Special School.

1980 - Central - view

Al Grasby