Topics: Government policy: South West

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1850 - view

“The ABORIGINES.-His Excellency the Governor has approved of a grant of ten pounds for the purchase of a boat and tackle

1850 - view

Mayor and Messrs. Nichols and Egan

1851 - view

1851 Clarke Census for the Camden, Picton and Berrima districts

1865 - view

taskmasters discovering her absence, by some means got a warrant issued for her apprehension, for absenting herself from her hired service

1872 - view

Two reserves, AR26 and AR27, result from a petition

1872 - view

Aborigines Protection Board

1878 - view

Six Aboriginal reserves of about 400ha are declared between 1878 and 1906. The last one is revoked in 1954

1889 - view

Lands Department

1890 - view

Burragorang. There is a Government allowance to the mothers and young children

1891 - view

Aborigines Protection Board

1905 - view

Aborigines Protection Board

1906 - view

Electoral rolls

1916 - view

Aboriginal Reserve no. 17023

1918 - view

APB resolves most emphatically that because they continue to farm the land the families should be allowed to remain in possession

1924 - view

Aborigines Protection Board

1985 - view

Gundangara Land Council

1995 - view

Native Title claim