Topics: Government policy: South West

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Auntie Frances Bodkin was put in fourteen foster homes and Paramatta Girls Home


changes in the Land Rights Act and the land councils and the effect it has had


Glenda Chalker discusses some of the problems created by the introduction of Native Title, a federal system, which conflicts with the Land Councils who are in charge of land acquired through the state Land Rights Act


military interventions that were sanctioned, one of which being the Appin massacre in 1816


drink (denied Aboriginal people until 1967)

1805 - view


1810 - view

land grants

1811 - view

Macquarie acknowledges the Indigenous names of several places

1812 - view

Governor Macquarie grants large tracts of land

1814 - view

General Order

1814 - view

A militia

1814 - view

soldier revenge party

1816 - view

46th Regiment

1826 - view

engaged as Black Tracker by local Police

1831 - view

Colonial Secretary’s Office.

1831 - view

The governor offers ‘an allotment of from 30 to 40 acres

1834 - 1835 - view

Returns of Aboriginal Natives (blanket lists)

1840 - view

Petition to the Aboriginal Protection Board

1848 - view

the bounty of' the Government

1850 - view

“The ABORIGINES.-His Excellency the Governor has approved of a grant of ten pounds for the purchase of a boat