Topics: Government policy: North West

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1860 - view

New reserves are created in response to high demand from Aboriginal people for land. The majority are located in areas chosen by Aboriginal people

1866 - view

Legislative Assembly over this “perversion of justice”. The governor intervenes and Mary Ann is released

1871 - view

The Minister for Lands issues instructions that Old Ned is not to be disturbed

1880 - view

Association for the Protection of Aborigines constituted

1883 - view

Aborigines Protection Board appointed

1887 - view

NSW Aboriginal Protection Board Report 1887

1889 - view

In 1889 the Minister of Lands proclaimed two reserves

1889 - view

NSW had been ‘without settled inhabitants or settled law’ and has been ‘ peacefully annexed to the British dominions

1889 - view

official land surveys

1890 - view

Albert Murphy who was granted some land

1890 - view

The APB reports that there are twenty acres under crop at St Clair in 1894 and that the population had grown to 76 in Singleton, about half of whom were childre

1891 - view

District Returns of Aborigines

1891 - view

APB is assisting Aborigines at the reserve to build dwellings for themselves

1891 - view

Government Printer prints and/or re-prints three of Threlkeld’s works

1894 - view

Parliamentarians responded by confirming Margaret’s life tenure of her holding at Pelican Flat

1896 - view

Sackville community applies to the APB for iron to roof a church

1897 - view

Government Reserve on the left bank of the Hawkesbury River

1898 - view

Aborigines Protection Board railway passes

1900s - view

Aborigines Protection Board (APB)

1900 - view

The law prohibits publicans serving Aborigines