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1962 - North West - view

‘natives’ as ‘wards of the state’

1963 - West - view

Prohibition of sale, or gift, of alcohol to Indigenous Australians

1963 - Central - view

accepts a Housing Commission home

1963 - North West - view

City Council, the University, the Department of Education, the Crown Solicitor and the Aborigines Welfare Board (they have to provide alternative housing) to reach a solution

1964 - South Coastal - view

Randwick Council

1966 - North West - view

Arbitration Commission

1966 - North West - view

Land Rights legislation in the NT

1967 - North Coastal - view

Referendum for federal co-control of Indigenous affairs for Aboriginal Australians is successful. The Referendum is often seen as the time when Indigenous Australians achieved full citizenship rights.

1967 - North West - view

Federal Referendum

1967 - North West - view

Senate Committee on Aboriginal voting rights recommends that all Aborigines should be given the right to vote in federal elections

1968 - West - view

Aboriginal Study Grants Scheme

1968 - Central - view

1967 referendum

1968 - Central - view

Labor's policy on Aboriginal affairs

1968 - North West - view

Aboriginal Study Grants Scheme (secondary school)

1969 - North West - view

Act also vests reserve lands in control of Aboriginal Affairs

1969 - West - view

Aborigines Act (NSW) dissolves the Welfare Board

1969 - North Coastal - view

The Aborigines Welfare Board is abolished but leaves behind 80 years of Aboriginal family disintegration due to the removal of children and destruction of living areas. “There is not an Aboriginal person in NSW who does not know, or who is not related to, one or two of his or her country men who were institutionalised by the whites”.

1969 - North West - view

Aborigines Act, NSW

1970 - South Coastal - view

Maroubra Department of Social Security

1971 - North West - view