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many Aboriginal families were shipped around Sydney


The home was used as a refugee camp for Aboriginal children


Native Title Act


school for Aboriginal children established by Governor Macquarie near Parramatta


map of the Darug Native Title claim area and the area covered by the Indigenous land use agreement

1805 - view

orders that the settlers be required to assist each other in repelling visits and if any settler harbours natives he will be prosecuted for a breach of the Public Order

1806 - view

presented with a plaque ‘King of Mount Tomah’

1810 - view

Aboriginal tracker

1815 - view

Native Institution

1816 - view


1816 - view

grants of land and seed

1816 - view

Macquarie grants land

1816 - view

‘my Order of Merit'

1821 - view

broken down Aboriginal hostility with a combination of military attacks and humane treatment and compensated dispossessed Aborigines with land grants

1824 - view

Government Institution

1824 - view

The government will give me twenty pounds per annum per child

1825 - view

10,000 acres of land [about 7000 ha.] situated in the said colony be reserved for the use of the Aborigines

1828 - view


1831 - view

land grant

1833 - view

Liverpool land, also granted by Governor Lachlan Macquarie