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1835 - view

‘blanket lists’

1838 - view

The Protectorate

1839 - view

Squatters are liable to lose their license for 'malicious injury or offence committed upon or against any Aboriginal native'

1845 - view

Sydney Aboriginal Population is in serious decline. A parliamentary enquiry is appointed to investigate this

1884 - view

Vagrant Act

1885 - view

NSW Aboriginal Protection Board Report

1887 - view

NSW State government funds

1888 - view

Rations, clothing, nursing

1889 - view

(NSW Aboriginal Protection Board Report

1889 - view

Aboriginal reserve gazetted, no. 9857

1889 - view

Reserve no. 9856 gazetted 9 miles from Wilberforce

1889 - view

Reserve no. 28,546, 40 acres [28 ha.] next to reserve no. 9857

1889 - view

Rations and clothing are given

1890 - view

Aboriginal Protection Board Report

1892 - view

Aboriginal Protection Board Report

1896 - view

blanket distribution

1897 - view

Megalong Valley is gazetted

1898 - view

rations from the Board

1901 - view

Annual Census of the Aborigines Protection Board

1908 - view

Commonwealth Invalid and Old Age Pension Act