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1909 - view

Commonwealth Defence Act

1909 - view

The Aborigines Protection Act, 1909 (NSW)

1909 - view

APB Annual Report

1911 - view

BWM Victory medal

1915 - view

Commonwealth Maternity Act

1915 - view

Aborigines Protection Board

1915 - view

Aborigines Protection Act (1915, 1918, 1936) (NSW)

1924 - view

Aboriginal Reserve no. 17023 (St Joseph’s Farm) in the Burragorang Valley is revoked

1925 - view

removed by the Aboriginal Protection Board from the Gully

1926 - view

The Megalong Valley reserve is revoked

1941 - view

Commonwealth Child Endowment Act 1941

1941 - view

The Blacktown Native Institute site, supposed to be a gift in perpetuity from Governor Macquarie , is revoked

1947 - view

The Sackville Reserve #28,546 is revoked

1958 - view

Burragorang Valley for Sydney’s water supply

1960 - view

granted a certificate of exemption 20/9/1960

1963 - view

Prohibition of sale, or gift, of alcohol to Indigenous Australians

1968 - view

Aboriginal Study Grants Scheme

1969 - view

Aborigines Act (NSW) dissolves the Welfare Board

1977 - view

Anti-Discrimination Act (NSW)

1988 - view

Native Title claims, and negotiation over Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with the NSW government