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1905 - South West - view

Aborigines Protection Board

1906 - South West - view

Electoral rolls

1908 - North West - view

certificates of exemption

1908 - West - view

Commonwealth Invalid and Old Age Pension Act

1909 - West - view

APB Annual Report

1909 - North West - view

children are excluded from the public school

1909 - North West - view

Aborigines Protection Act NSW

1909 - North West - view

Aborigines Protection Board (APB)

1909 - North West - view

APB Annual Report lists combined populations of Windsor, Blacktown Rd and Sackville Reach as only 83

1909 - North Coastal - view

The Aborigines Protection Act is passed in NSW. The Board for the Protection of Aborigines has the power to “exercise a general supervision and care over all Aborigines and over the interests and welfare of Aborigines … and to protect them against injustice, imposition and fraud”. The Protection Act gives the Board great powers to control the private lives of Aborigines. For example the Board may order any Aboriginal into or out of any Reserve at its own discretion. The powers to remove children are codified and strengthened, and the Board becomes an instrument of persecution of Guringai, and other NSW Koories, for the next 60 years.

1909 - Central - view

The Aborigines Protection Act is made law

1909 - West - view

Commonwealth Defence Act

1909 - West - view

The Aborigines Protection Act, 1909 (NSW)

1910 - North West - view

APB places an embargo on the residence of single men and women on the camps

1911 - West - view

BWM Victory medal

1911 - North West - view


1913 - 1927 - North West - view

Aboriginal reserve land in NSW falls from 26,000 acres to only 13,000 acres

1914 - North West - view

NSW government continues to remove Aboriginal children from their families

1915 - 1939 - North West - view

APB is empowered to remove and apprentice Aboriginal children without a court hearing. Under the Act

1915 - West - view

Commonwealth Maternity Act