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1857 - South Coastal - view

government’s response to this petition

1860 - North West - view

New reserves are created in response to high demand from Aboriginal people for land. The majority are located in areas chosen by Aboriginal people

1865 - South West - view

taskmasters discovering her absence, by some means got a warrant issued for her apprehension, for absenting herself from her hired service

1866 - North West - view

Legislative Assembly over this “perversion of justice”. The governor intervenes and Mary Ann is released

1871 - North West - view

The Minister for Lands issues instructions that Old Ned is not to be disturbed

1872 - South West - view

Two reserves, AR26 and AR27, result from a petition

1872 - South West - view

Aborigines Protection Board

1878 - South West - view

Six Aboriginal reserves of about 400ha are declared between 1878 and 1906. The last one is revoked in 1954

1880 - North West - view

Association for the Protection of Aborigines constituted

1880 - Central - view

The Association for the Protection of Aborigines

1881 - Central - view

Thornton states ‘One of my first anxieties on assuming the duty of Protector was to endeavour to get all the Aborigines away from Sydney and suburbs and back into their own districts

1881 - Central - view

police close in

1882 - Central - view


1883 - Central - view

The Government controlled Aborigines Protection Board is established. Chairperson George Thornton continues to want to clear Koori people

1883 - North Coastal - view

Aboriginal Protection Board established by New South Wales Government (later to become known as the Aborigines Welfare Board). The Board begins to remove Aboriginal children from families, previously done only by missionaries. The Board’s powers are legislated through an Act of Parliament in 1909. The Board’s policy is that all Aboriginal people should live on reserves. In 1883 there are 25 Aboriginal reserves in NSW totaling 1,414 hectares. By 1900 there are 133 reserves. Aboriginal people are encouraged to farm these reserves and farm equipment is supplied. Most of these reserves had insufficient food but the Aboriginal people are expected to be self sufficient. Supplies of rations were only given to the aged, sick and children.

1883 - Central - view

Aborigines Protection Board

1883 - North West - view

Aborigines Protection Board appointed

1884 - West - view

Vagrant Act

1885 - West - view

NSW Aboriginal Protection Board Report

1886 - Central - view

Parliamentary member for Canterbury