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1892 - West - view

Aboriginal Protection Board Report

1893 - South Coastal - view

Board rejects her claim

1893 - South Coastal - view

granted by Government

1894 - South Coastal - view

United Aborigines Mission

1894 - North West - view

Parliamentarians responded by confirming Margaret’s life tenure of her holding at Pelican Flat

1895 - South Coastal - view

New South Wales Aborigines Protection Board

1896 - North West - view

Sackville community applies to the APB for iron to roof a church

1896 - West - view

blanket distribution

1897 - North West - view

Government Reserve on the left bank of the Hawkesbury River

1897 - West - view

Megalong Valley is gazetted

1898 - North West - view

Aborigines Protection Board railway passes

1898 - West - view

rations from the Board

1900s - North West - view

Aborigines Protection Board (APB)

1900 - North West - view


1900 - North West - view

The law prohibits publicans serving Aborigines

1900 - Central - view

Aborigines Protection Board concludes that part-descent Aboriginal people can no longer be thought to be disappearing

1901 - Central - view

Aborigines Welfare Board

1901 - West - view

Annual Census of the Aborigines Protection Board

1902 - North West - view


1903 - North West - view

Aborigines from “black camps” in the Manning district are relocated to the government reserve at Purfleet