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1815 - West - view

Native Institution

1815 - North Coastal - view

Governor Macquarie sets up the Native Institution at Parramatta, It is a dormitory school where Aboriginal children can be educated in English ways without the influence of their families and clans. At first some parents leave their children at the school voluntarily, later they realise that they will not be allowed to leave.

1816 - West - view


1816 - North Coastal - view

Koori people attack farms around Sydney. Macquarie sends Captain Wallis with three detachments of soldiers to arrest offenders. They attack a camp at night and 14 Aboriginal people are killed. Macquarie sets out regulations controlling Aboriginal people. No one is to appear within a mile of any settlement and no more than six are to ‘lurk’ or ‘loiter’ near farms. Passports or certificates are issued to Aboriginals “who conduct themselves in a suitable manner”.

1816 - West - view

grants of land and seed

1816 - North Coastal - view

Macquarie issues two further proclamations outlawing the ten “most violent and atrocious natives”. He orders that those who have not already been killed should be invited to a “General Friendly Meeting” and Blanket Distribution at Parramatta on 28 December.

1816 - West - view

Macquarie grants land

1816 - West - view

‘my Order of Merit'

1816 - South Coastal - view

the government requisitions it

1816 - South West - view

46th Regiment

1821 - West - view

broken down Aboriginal hostility with a combination of military attacks and humane treatment and compensated dispossessed Aborigines with land grants

1824 - North West - view

Supreme Court of NSW

1824 - North Coastal - view

The deputation of an embassy to negotiate with the Aboriginal tribes a treaty of peace would probably be impracticable … the difficulty of procuring a peaceful interview with the numerous chiefs could not be surmounted.

1824 - West - view

Government Institution

1824 - West - view

The government will give me twenty pounds per annum per child

1825 - North West - view

A ‘punitive party’ of soldiers despatched

1825 - West - view

10,000 acres of land [about 7000 ha.] situated in the said colony be reserved for the use of the Aborigines

1826 - South West - view

engaged as Black Tracker by local Police

1828 - North West - view

Hunter census

1828 - West - view