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1829 - North West - view

From 1831, there are no more free land grants, and the only land for sale is within the Nineteen Counties

1830 - North West - view

War veterans receive land grants

1831 - West - view

land grant

1831 - South West - view

Colonial Secretary’s Office.

1831 - South West - view

The governor offers ‘an allotment of from 30 to 40 acres

1832 - North Coastal - view

Blanket distribution by the NSW Colonial Government to the clans of Sydney. 28 Aboriginal people receive blankets and stores.

1832 - South Coastal - view

government office

1833 - West - view

Liverpool land, also granted by Governor Lachlan Macquarie

1834 - 1835 - South West - view

Returns of Aboriginal Natives (blanket lists)

1834 - North West - view

A reward of forty pounds is also offered

1834 - North Coastal - view

Second blanket distribution. Only 16 people receive blankets.

1835 - North West - view

Aborigines held an unclear position before the courts

1835 - North West - view

Their cases went for around six weeks

1835 - West - view

‘blanket lists’

1836 - North West - view

The Land Acts of 1861 allows free selection of crown land and “limits of location” become redundant

1836 - North Coastal - view

At the Blanket Distribution, 35 people arrive to receive blankets.

1837 - North West - view

A Select Committee of the House of Commons records that the effects of colonisation on the Aborigines of Australia are “dreadful beyond example, both in diminution of their numbers and in their demoralisation

1837 - North West - view

“Protectorate”. He appoints protectors especially in the expanding frontier districts. Their aim is to defend the rights of the Aborigines

1838 - North West - view

Rev Lancelot Edward Threlkeld gives testimony in evidence to a Legislative Council Enquiry on the Aborigines

1838 - West - view

The Protectorate